Crown President Star Associate Mr. Dharminder Chaudhary

You can achieve anything you wish in life if you have the courage. This is the anecdote of Mr. Dharminder Choudhary. He was born in a village (Jodhpur), hailing from a middle class family, his father was a farmer. He was brought up with great pamper. He graduated in 2008, left his education and joined a Pharmacy Company as a Medical Representative, worked for two years.

  • Mr. Dharminder Chaudhary

Mr. Dharminder Chaudhary
Jodhpur, Rajasthan

During this tenure he decided that to fulfill his desires and ambitions he has to do something different. But how? He was looking for an opportunity by which he could improve his life style. Like a messenger of God, One day Mr. Ajay Maan came into his life and Mr. Dharminder Choudhary became a part of International Marketing Corporation Pvt. Ltd.(IMC). The first cheque he received in April 2011 for Rupees 260.00. He was extremely overjoyed and decided that if he worked honestly, sincerely with all his grit that day would not be far when his earning will be in Lacs. He worked hard. His hard work and serious efforts paid off. He made history in International Marketing Corporation Pvt. Ltd.(IMC). Mr. Dharminder Choudhary is the first Associate in the company who achieved the level of CROWN PRESIDANT STAR. May God Bless him and he may earn many more achievements and feats in his life ahead!