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It is a true fact that it's not where you are born or whom you are born to that determines how your life will be. It's what you do with your life that determines how your life will be. Mr. Shivkant Mishra born in Kadma of Distt. Bhiwani on 13 December 1982 and his younger brother Mr. Pardeep Mishra on 16 December 1984. Their father owned a small watch-house and a Studio.

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Mishra Brothers
Bhiwani, Haryana

Till 1997 everything was well but in 1997 their grandmother expired and their shop was shut for three months and their financial position detrioted. The family shifted to Kotakpura, Punjab. Their father started teaching Accounts to make two ends meet. But due to financial crunch they were unable to continue their study. Mr. Shivkant Mishra got a job in a Cardboard factory at 1300 per month and Pardeep Mishra got a job in a P.C.O. earned 500 per month. Still their family's condition was unstable. They were not satisfied with their income. They were looking for a better opportunity to improve their life style. One day Mr. Dhaminder Chaudhary entered his life and explained about IMC Business. Mr. Shivkant Mishra opened a small store of IMC products along with Computer Centre. After getting good response he completely devoted himself to IMC. They shifted to Haryana and continued his work with IMC. Mr. Shivkant Mishra was unable to drive two wheeler etc. He travelled on foot and by bus to sell the IMC products. In the initial stages he faced lot of problems but he worked hard. His hard work paid off and achieved the level of Chairman within a year. They were extremely overjoyed and decided that if they worked honestly and sincerely the day would not be far when their earnings would be in Lacs. Now the day has come when both the brothers have achieved the level of Crown President.

May God bless them and lead their pathway to success!