Crown President Star Associates- Mrs. Pallavi Siddhi & Mr. Shivraj Kushvaha Uttarakhand

Spirituality and Materiality are like the two wings of a bird, to fly you need both. A person with kind nature Mr. Shivraj Singh Kushvaha s/o Sh. Rampal Singh Kushvaha (Born—Nalkheda, Dist. Agar, M.P.) was working as a State Govt. officer at Dehra Doon. His life partner Mrs. Siddhi Singh (Pallavi ) D/o Sh. Phalad Tiwari (Birth—Dharikiro, Dist. Dhanbad , Jharkhand ) was a home maker.

  • Mrs. Pallavi Siddhi & Mr. Shivraj Kushvaha

Mrs. Pallavi Siddhi & Mr. Shivraj Kushvaha

Hard working, diligent nature was rusting at home. Both were looking for an opportunity where they could reach to high stature and could contribute an important role in the society and get name and fame.  In July 2014 both wife and husband met Mr. Deepak Jain (Chandigarh) and Mr. Kunal Kamra (Ludhiana) who introduced them with IMC Business. On 3rd August 2014 they formed a Franchise “ Sidhi Herbal & Healing Center” at Dehra Doon. Sidhi Singh took the responsibility of store, retail and networking and Shivraj Singh concentrated on field work. To do something for the community was their basic intention, by getting amazing results through IMC products and the blessing of ailing people, both decided to contribute their life to IMC. They opened IMC's first CNF by investing all the life’s saving at Delhi and the family shifted from Dehra Doon to Delhi. The family and near relatives were against the decision of investing such a huge amount in a company. They stood stern on their decision and within two months, the family realized that the decision was not wrong. As Sidhi took care of the CNF. Shivraj worked day and night with all diligent at field networking. With hard work and dedication they achieved Chairman Level in August 2015. With full passion and inspiration they worked enthusiastically and within six months they achieved the IMC's top level of Crown President and earning lacs per month. Both give the credit of this success to their spiritual master’s mercy, blessing of the parents, guidance of Satyan Sir and the co-operation of the upline associates. It proves the story of success is true that one and one make eleven. To achieve anything by predominance even the total nature helps to achieve the goal.

IMC wishes them a bright future!