Crown President Star Associate Mr. Ved Prakash Ojha

Mr. Ved Prakash Ojha born on 28 Feb 1984 at Gopalganj Bihar in the house of father Late. Virander Ojha and mother Smt. Neelam Devi Ojha. His father was Gram Sevak and their financial status was not well. His father expired when he was seven years old and all the responsibilities came to his shoulders. He has done his graduation with B.A honors.

  • Mr. Ved Prakash Ojha


Have great hopes and dare to go all out for them.
Have great dreams and dare to live them.
Have tremendous expectations and believe in them.

From the early age he was fond of cricket and played for Gopalganj Distt. as a captain. But due to family responsibilities he left playing cricket. In 2002 he went to Surat in search of a job and he worked for two years with textile company but was not happy with the Salary and wanted to start his own business. He left his Job then he opened his own Family Mart Store. He worked hard but was still not satisfied with the income he was earning.
One day Mr. Satyan Bhatia visited Surat and explained him about IMC business plan. Mr. Ojha closed his Family Mart Store and joined IMC. He completely devoted himself to IMC. On joining , same month he achieved Silver Star level and received a first cheque of Rs.165. In the following month he achieved Gold Star level and within six months he achieved Chairman Star level and in short period he received cheque of six lakh thirty one thousand and became the first associate of IMC to receive this big amount, within 9 month he achieved Ambassador Star level and with hard efforts he become the Crown President Star. Today Mr. Ojha owns Bunglow, a Luxury Car and earning lakhs of Rupees per months.

His Speech

May God bless him with bright future and prosperity!