Senior Crown President Star Associate

Mr. Ved Prakash Ojha born on 28 Feb 1984 at Gopalganj Bihar in the house of father Late. Virander Ojha and mother Smt. Neelam Devi Ojha. His father was Gram Sevak and their financial status was not well.

I was born in 1983 at Ranchi in a family which was not well off finanancially. My father was working on daily wages. When I was IX standard my father suddenly fell ill and the doctors advised him bed rest. I was the eldest one amongst all my siblings and responsibility of my family was on my shoulders.

You can achieve anything you wish in life if you have the courage. This is the anecdote of Mr. Dharmendra Choudhary. He was born in a village (Jodhpur), hailing from a middle class family, his father was a farmer. He was brought up with great pamper.

Mr. Pradeep Mishra took birth in an impoverished family in the village Kadma, district Bhiwani, Haryana on 2nd April 1985. His father used to do a business and his mother was a homemaker.